Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Does It Cost To Play?

1-2year old = $12 per child (all day play) & 2yrs-11 yrs = $14 per child (all day play).

Tuesday & Thursday = $12 per child.

2. What Are The Store Hours?

3. Do we need to have a wrist band?

Wrist band allows us to know that the kid paid for their admission. It lets us know that the kid belongs to that family they came in with. It allows you to enter and leave the facility all day as it is a all day pass.

4. How Long Can We Stay?

It is an all day pass. You can come and go as many times as you want on the same day as long as you have your stamp.

5. What Does A Party Package Include?

• Party includes two hours in the reserved party area.

• Party comes with pizza, drinks and ice cream for the kids.

• Party host receives a free pass for the birthday child to return in the future.

• We provide all the paper goods and plastic ware needed for the birthday party.

6. Do I Have To Pay A Deposit The Day I Book My Party?

There is $100 non-refundable deposit at the time of the booking.

7. Can We Bring In Decoration For The Party?

You can bring in your own decorations. Only exception would be confetti or pinata’s.

8. Can I Order Pizza, Fruit Trays, Cookie Cakes, And Veggie Trays The Day Of The Party?

We request you to add on the additional add on while booking the party.

9. What Food Can Be Added To The Birthday Parties?

You can add additional pizzas, drink pitchers, water bottles, popcorn buckets, nacho & cheese tray, fruit platter, hot dog tray, chicken nuggets tray & cheese burger trays.

10. Can I bring in outside food for the birthday party?

You can bring in outside food but there is a $75 charge and you can only bring in finger foods.

11. Can Kids Wear Regular Sock’s Or Do They Need Special Socks?

You can wear regular socks. We do sell the socks in the front if you don’t have it on.

12. Where Are You Located Inside The Mall?

We are located inside the mall, in-front of the Dillard’s men's & children department store

13. Do You Have Restrooms In The Store

We do have restrooms for the guests in the store.

14. Do You Charge For Children That Are Not Able To Walk?

We don’t charge for the kids below the age of 1 year who are not able to walk or use the facility.

15. Do You Charge For Adults?

We don’t charge for adults. Adults come in for free with the kids admission.

16. How Many Adults Can Accompany A Child?

We don’t put a limit on adults coming to watch children.

17. Can I Leave My Children Unattended So That I Can Shop?

Children must be always accompanied by an adult age 18 or older.

18. Do You Accept Credit Cards?

We accept all major credit cards.

19. Can I bring in the cake or cup cake for the prebooked birthday party?

Yes you are allowed to get the cake or cup cakes to the pre-booked birthday party.